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Delete PeopleMeet account

Cancel your PeopleMeet account How to delete PeopleMeet account. PeopleMeet is a very interesting online dating website that is aimed at creating a connection between two people. The website offers a free membership to its users, and you can also log in using your Facebook or Google Profile. PeopleMeet is one of the most popular online dating websites in the world right now. Users can create a profile that highlights their lives and provides information about themselves, and then view the profiles of others in order to make a connection. Once two people find profiles that they both mutually like,…Read more

Delete OkCupid account

Deactivate your OKCupid Account How to delete OkCupid account. OKCupid is one of the most popular online dating and friendship websites in the world today. There is also an app that can be used by people who have signed up for the service. OKCupid creates specialized quizzes for its members along with multiple choice questions in order to create a match between two parties. A number of different modes of communication exist, which include emailing another member or communicating with them via instant messaging. The website has also been listed in TIME’s top 10 dating websites back in 2007. Today,…Read more

Delete Snapchat Account

Remove Snapchat
Snapchat is a photo and video sharing application available on mobile platforms like iOS and Android. It is designed and developed by Stanford University students in California. Click here to find Snapchat Friends The special feature of this application is the existence of a limit on the media viewing time sent to the addressees. Each photograph or video can be sent to the receiver for a period of time ranging from one to ten seconds; the media then ceases to be available for viewing and deleted by Snapchat. However, it is fairly easy for users to make screenshots. Delete Snapchat…Read more

Delete Dropbox account

Remove Dropbox
Deactivate Dropbox account in 3 steps How to delete Dropbox account. Dropbox is one of the most popular cloud storage services. Dropbox was initially released as a beta back in 2008, and has since then gone on to become one of the largest cloud storage applications in the world today. It offers free storage as well as paid storage to customers, and is used on a wide variety of platforms; Blackberry, iOS, Android, Windows, Windows Phone, Linux and all web browsers. The most interesting thing about Dropbox is that after installation, it creates a folder which looks similar to any…Read more

Delete Gmail account

Remove Gmail
How to deactivate your Gmail account Gmail, the official mail services of Google, is one of the largest and most popular mailing systems in the world. It is used with a plethora of Google devices, and is the primary service used by millions of businesses and individuals all across the globe. Gmail is free to use (it is supported by ads), and was first started back in 2004 as a beta service. However, since then Gmail has gone from strength to strength, and now provides one of the most popular online based email services in the world. Given the integration…Read more

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Delete old FB Page without username or password ...

Back to Top Questions; Related Questions; I want to delete an old account but can't remember the usern... How can i delete my old account without knowing the password?

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How can I delete a Facebook account without the password?

Someone made a fake Facebook in my name. I need to delete it. I think my son may have made it to play a trick on me. How can I get access to the account?

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How to delete account without email/password? | Facebook ...

I have two accounts and want to delete the old one. I don't know the email or password associated with it. Thanks!

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How can I delete my Facebook account if I forgot my email ...

Is there any way to hack into my own account so I can delete my Facebook account? Have tried to contact Facebook to no avail. I want it off Facebook, but ...

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How Do I Close My Facebook Account Without a Password ...

How Do I Close My Facebook Account Without a Password? by C. Taylor, Demand Media ... Facebook: Delete My Account; About the Author.

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Delete Facebook Without Password Guide - WordPress Video ...

Delete Facebook Without Password- Deleting your account without logging in. It seems to be impossible to delete facebook without password because if it was possible ...

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