Delete Zoosk Account

How to Deactivate your Zoosk Account

How to delete Zoosk account. Zoosk is one of the most popular online dating websites in the world right now. It is primarily accessed via smart phones through its proprietary app by the same name. The service is used in more than 80 countries and translated in more than 25 languages, making it one of the most widely used dating apps across the globe. Zoosk was founded back in 2007, and the company has both an iOS application as well as an Android application. Apart from this, Zoosk also offers a web chat client for its users. However, what if you no longer want to use your Zoosk account anymore? Here’s how to deactivate the profile once and for all.

1. Sign in to Zoosk

The first step is to sign in to your zoosk account. Simply type ‘’ in to your browser’s address bar, and visit the page. You will be greeted with a multi- tiered page that allows you to either Sign Up or login. Click on the button that says ‘Login’.

Login Zoosk
Sign in on your Zoosk account

2. Change or delete your profile information

Since Zoosk is such an information intensive app, it is a wise idea to delete or change all of your information on Zoosk before proceeding further. This will ensure that the account no longer matches you, in case somebody decides to reactive the account at a later date. Remove all personal information such as the name, profile picture, location, interests and any other information that may have been uploaded.

Remove personal information
Remove all your information before deleting your account.

3. Visit the Settings Page

Once you have edited all of the information available on Zoosk, the next step is to visit the Settings page. The Settings Page is located right below the ‘Edit Profile’ option.

4. Click on Account Status

From the Settings page, click on the ‘Account’ section. This is the section where you can make changes about your account information. Right below the ‘Account Status’, you will see the word ‘Deactivate’ highlighted in blue. Select it. You will then be asked to give a reason for deactivating your account. Provide the reason, and deactivate your account.

Delete Zoosk account
Deactivate your account