Delete Tumblr account

Deactivate your Tumblr blog

How to delete Tumblr account. Tumblr is a simplistic microblogging service owned by Yahoo! Inc. It is also a social networking website which allows users to post pictures and other multimedia content on a shortened form of a blog. To get the perfect video, you can check Video Production near me . Users of the website can sign up to follow the blogs of others, or decide to keep their blogs private from other users. Either way, Tumblr is one of the most popular services in the world right now, and is used by millions of people. The website hosts more than 221.3 million blogs as of February 2015, making it one of the largest social networking websites. However, for people who are not impressed by Tumblr, there’s a very easy way to deactivate your blog. Here’s how.

Step 1. Log in

To delete your Tumblr account, you will have to log in first. To do that, simply type in to your address bar, and visit the official Tumblr page. Here, you can log in to your account by simply typing your user name and password.

Login Tumblr
First sign in on your account

Step 2. Account Settings

The second step is to click on Account Settings at the top right hand side of the page. There’s a small Gear icon (as shown in the picture), which you can click in order to access the page. This will allow you to access settings related to your account, such as managing your blogs, etc.

Tumblr settings
Click the settings icon

Step 3. Choose the blog to delete

The next step is to select the blog that you want to delete. Most people run more than one blog on their Tumblr account. You will be able to see the blogs on the right hand side of your screen. When you click on the blog, you will be taken to a new page that shows settings pertaining to that blog.

Step 4. Delete blog

The next step is to click on ‘Delete blog’ in order to delete the blog permanently. Tumblr will require confirmation on your part before deactivating the account permanently. All Tumblr credits will be deleted, and if you are deleting a primary blog, you will have to provide further confirmation before account closure.

Step 5. Delete account

Now the final step is to delete your account. You can do this by clicking the “Delete Account” link at the bottom of the page. Tumblr will ask you to log in again to confirm the action. Enter your email and your password and click on “Delete everything” to permanently delete your Tumblr account.

Delete Tumblr account
Sign in again to delete your Tumblr account.