Delete Skype Account

How to deactivate your Skype Account

Delete Skype account instructions. Skype is the world’s most popular application for video calling. Microsoft acquired it in the past couple of years, and has rolled out a number of changes that have further improved the app’s functionality. Skype is downloaded separately for use, and installed. Then, users can use their Skype ID or their Outlook account in order to log in and start video calling their friends or family. However, if you no longer want to use your Skype account and wish to deactivate it, there’s a very simplistic procedure that you must follow. In the following paragraphs, a step by step guide has been provided on how to deactivate your Skype Account.

1. Visit the Skype Customer Support website

Visit and click on Customer Support. Keep in mind that while you can remove all account details yourself, the power to completely deactivate your Skype account lies in the hands of the Skype Customer Support service. Hence, requesting the customer support is imperative if you wish to remove all details about your account.

2. Sign in

When you open the Skype Customer Support page, you will be required to input your user name and password. Enter your credentials and you will be taken to a customer support page that allows you to choose a help topic.
Skype login

3. Choose the appropriate help topic

There are many help topics listed. Choose Account and Password, and then select Deleting an Account. It is suggested that before you perform this step, you log in to your Skype account one last time and remove all personal details that may have been provided. This is important to keep yourself secure after account deletion.
Delete Skype account

4. Talk to a representative

After you have selected the topics, click Next. You will then see several options. You can either ask questions from the Skype community, or text chat support. Click on the latter in order to initiate a conversation with a Skype representative.
Cancel Skype account

5. Ask him to remove your account

Give your username to the chat support representative, and ask him to delete your account. A confirmation email will be sent to you once the account has been completely removed.