Delete Linkedin account

Deactivate your LinkedIn profile

How to delete LinkedIn account. LinkedIn is the world’s foremost professional networking service, allowing millions of job searchers get in touch with job recruiters. While it is not primarily a job hunting website, the website is designed to allow people to remain in touch and create their professional profiles, hence exhibiting their skills. Others in their networks who are working in different companies can then create professional friendships that eventually lead to a cohesive and positive working relationship. While LinkedIn is hugely popular amongst employed professionals, there are many others who feel that they no longer need to use their LinkedIn profile. Here’s how you can deactivate your account on LinkedIn:

1. Log in!

The first step to closing your LinkedIn account is to login to the profile. To do this, simply visit and click on Sign In. You will then see a new page that requires you to input your user name and password. Do so, and you will be logged in to your profile.

Login LinkedIn
Sign in on your account

2. Privacy and Settings

The next step is to click on Privacy and Settings link that is given in the drop down menu. Simply move your cursor over to the top right hand side of the screen, where your picture is situated, and click on the link that says Privacy and Settings. LinkedIn uses a professional safeguard system, so you may need to sign in to the profile again.

LinkedIn Settings
Go to the settings page.

3. Close your Account

You will then see a plethora of different options on the screen. Go under the ‘Account’ tab, where you will see an option that says ‘Close your account’. Click on this, and you will be taken to a new page that will require you to provide information about the account closure.

Close LinkedIn account
Click the link “Close your account”.

4. Provide the reason

LinkedIn requires you to provide the reason for closing your account. Do so, and then proceed further. You will then be asked to verify the information on the next screen, after which your account will be closed. The website will show you a list of consequences of closing your account, and if you proceed, your account will be deactivated permanently.

Delete Linkedin account
Final step: Provide a reason.