Delete Instagram account

Deactivate your Instagram account in 4 steps

How to delete Instagram account. Instagram has more than 300 million users, and is the most popular picture taking application around the globe. It was acquired by Facebook for a figure of $1 billion, which just shows how popular the app really is. Instagram provides users with a very simple twist on conventional picture taking; it provides ‘filters’ that can be applied on the camera in order to give a completely new twist to common pictures. From being a simple picture taking app, Instagram has transcended to become one of the most popular video sharing as well as social networking services in the world. Since it links effectively with other Facebook services, Instagram is used quite frequently. However, if you wish to deactivate your Instagram account, here’s how to go about it.

1. Log in to Instagram

The first step is to log in to your Instagram account. To do this, visit using your web browser and enter in your user name and password on the screen prompt. You will be taken to another screen that shows all of your uploaded pictures, along with your account information.

Login Instagram
First sign in on your Instagram account.

2. Deleting the account

The next step is to click on your user name (placed on the top right) and then click on Edit Profile from the drop down menu that opens up. The ‘Edit Profile’ page gives you a lot of different options, most of them concerning the information in your account. Continue scrolling downwards until you see a link that says ‘I’d like to cancel my account’. It’s located at the bottom of the page.

Delete Instagram account
Click on “I’d like to delete my account” to continue.

3. Answer the questions

Answer the questions posed by Instagram about why you are closing in your account. There are several reasons that are given through the drop down box, or you can also specify your own reason by clicking on ‘Other’.

Delete Instagram account
Select “Other reason(s)” to continue.

4. Finish the cancellation process

The next step is to finalize the cancellation. To do this, simply press on Continue and then re- enter your password. You can review any change that you might like to make at this point. If not, proceed with the account cancellation.