Delete Craigslist account

How to deactivate Craigslist account

How to delete Craigslist account. Craigslist needs no introduction. It is easily one of the largest online based advertisement services across the globe, and is used quite frequently throughout the United States. Craigslist allows users to place ads on the website free of cost, from a variety of different categories. Users can sell off their own devices, used items or even offer services or look through jobs. Needless to say, Craigslist has become one of the most prolific ad based website in the world. In order to post an ad on Craigslist however, users need to create an account. That account can be disabled quite easily, by following the given steps below.

1. Open Craigslist

The first step is to open your craigslist account. To do that, log on to by typing the address in your URL bar. You will see a number of different categories on your screen. Ignore those, and look towards the left hand side. You will see an underlined link that says ‘my account’. Click on it.

Delete Craigslist account
Log in to your Craigslist account

2. Log in to your Craigslist account

Next, enter in your account details and log in to your account. You will be taken to a new screen, where you will be able to view all Pending, Expired or Active postings.

3. Remove all Postings

In order to delete your account in full, you must remove all postings from your account. View each of the posting and delete them carefully, so that your account activity goes down to zero.

4. Change

Now, click on the Settings link that is situated right at the top of the page, and click the link that says ‘Change’. The change link is located right where your email address ends on the Settings page, and is not difficult to find.

5. Account Cancellation

Once you press ‘Change’, click on the Help Button. When you do, a new email dialog box will open in your email program. Write down the reason for which you want to get your account closed, and fill in the details regarding your account. You will receive a confirmation email when the account has been permanently deactivated.